4 Signs That Heating Services Are Needed To Plan For A New Installation

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Heating systems can last a long time with proper care. Many systems outlast their estimated lifespan due to proper maintenance and servicing. However, homeowners should not think that their systems will last indefinitely. An older system that has worked beyond its lifespan might need to be upgraded due to efficiency. Individuals might not know that their aged heating systems are the reason that they have high energy bills. The following points highlight a few reasons homeowners should seek heating services for a new installation.


Manufacturers decide on the estimated lifespan of their heating system products. This estimate can be used by homeowners to prepare for their next heating installation. HVAC systems are an investment. Homeowners may want to consider a different type of heating for their new installation such as migrating from a furnace to a boiler or migrating from an electric furnace to a gas-powered furnace. 

Odd Odors

Heating systems should not emit odors for a long period of time. Sometimes they emit a burnt odor when they are turned on for the first time in the fall or winter. This odor should not linger and is the result of dust burning off from the burners. If maintenance heating services are sought, the HVAC technician can evaluate a furnace to ensure that it is safe and not emitting dangerous odors. It is also important to note that some furnaces that need repairs may not emit odors, but they might release carbon monoxide a toxic odorless gas. 

Odd Noises

Most heating systems either run silently or have low sound when they are running. If a heating system starts producing noises, it is a sign that heating services are needed. Systems that get routine maintenance are less likely to have issues. Odd noises are indicative of worn or loose parts. These are things that would be noted and fixed during a maintenance service.


This is a definite sign that heating services are needed to determine if it is time for a new heating installation. As the system ages, it may gradually decline. Its performance may be erratic. Some rooms may be colder than others. It may also take longer for it to heat a home. 

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to learn more about upgrading to a new heating system. They can help homeowners compare systems and warranties. Their heating services also include routine maintenance and diagnosing issues such as no heat. For more information on heating services, contact a company near you.