Why Your AC Is Not Cooling Your Retail Store And How To Fix It

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Is your AC running but not cooling your store? The problem could be as simple as a dirty air filter or the thermostat being set incorrectly to more complex issues that will require an expert's input. 

Check out these common problems and how to troubleshoot them before hiring commercial cooling services.

Thermostat Set Incorrectly 

If you notice your retail store getting hotter than usual, the first step is to inspect your thermostat settings. You should check to see if anyone has changed the temperature setting. Suppose you called a technician to service your AC unit; they may have changed the settings. Ensure to adjust the device settings to cool.

If the thermostat setting is off, switch it to heat, then change it back to cool. Wait a few minutes before checking whether cold air is blowing from the registers. If not, try another possible fix- checking your AC's air filter.

Dirty or Clogged Air Filters

One of the most common reasons your AC is not cooling your store is dirty air filters. The filter's job is to trap dust, dirt, and other airborne particles. It works to keep debris from infiltrating your AC's components as well as your store. If this dirt and dust find their way into your store, they will compromise the air quality.

Your AC unit will not blow cool air if the air filters fill with debris. As a result, the dirt will block the flow of cool air inside the air ducts and may compromise the thermostat.

If your AC is not blowing cool air, locate your air filter, ensure your system is powered off, remove the air filter then examine it. If it is clean, try another troubleshooting tip.

Blocked Condenser Unit

Central air conditioning systems typically have outdoor condenser units. The exterior of this unit features an outdoor coil that wraps around the condenser. This coil has several metal "fins" located closely together.  If your AC is not blowing cool air when the system is on, you could have a blocked coil.

It is common for debris like dirt and grass to find its way into the condenser's coil and cause a clog. This clog can result in the whole system malfunctioning. A blocked condenser can also lead to your system blowing warm air instead of cold and reducing the unit's energy efficiency.

To troubleshoot this problem, examine your condenser and clear any debris off the coil. You can clean the condenser by gently vacuuming (using a vacuum with an attached brush) or using a hose to wipe away any grime and dirt.

If the above troubleshooting tips do not restore the normal functioning of your AC unit, it may be time to contact licensed commercial cooling services to take a look. 

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