Want Your AC Unit To Serve You Longer? Take These 3 AC Maintenance Tips Seriously

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If you have an air conditioning unit in your house, maintaining it in good shape is the best thing you can do. Proper air conditioning maintenance is critical in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your AC unit. Unfortunately, most people neglect it and still expect their air conditioner to perform well, which doesn't happen. As a homeowner, it's good to know that proper maintenance doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, you just need to pay more attention to certain little things that help increase the performance and life of your AC system. If you want yours to serve you longer, here are three air conditioning maintenance tips you shouldn't ignore.

Clean the AC Unit Regularly

When it comes to cleaning, most people think they just need to clean their windows, garage doors, walls, carpets, and flooring. However, even the air conditioner needs regular cleaning to perform optimally. Cleaning is usually critical, mainly if you have installed an outdoor air conditioner. However, you should get an expert to help you clean it to avoid problems. Cleaning usually helps remove branches, leaves, and general dirt that could later cause problems. The coils and ducts may also need to be cleaned to enhance efficiency.

Change the Filters

The filters of your air conditioning unit usually play a critical role. However, they aren't reliable anymore when they are dirty or damaged. For this reason, it's important to ensure they are changed around at least twice a year. You may even have to change them more often based on the level of air quality in your area. It's good to note that you shouldn't change the filters yourself unless you are a skilled technician. Always hire professionals in air conditioning maintenance services to change the filters for you. If you opt to change them yourself, you may damage them or even damage other components in the process.

Ensure the AC Unit Is Always Level

Most people don't care whether their air conditioning unit is constantly level, perhaps because they don't know that it performs better when it is level. But how do you know your AC unit is level? You just need a spirit level tool to help you check whether it is level or not. An uneven AC unit will sink sideways or tip over with time and eventually disconnect from the refrigerant line. When this happens, it may leak, risking your safety and harming the environment. The condenser pump of your AC unit will also not work properly when the AC unit is uneven because the lubricant will definitely pool on one side of the unit.

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