Plan Ahead For Your AC Installation So The Process Is Smooth

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Your current air conditioner gets less efficient with age. Even if you take good care of your equipment, old age will take its toll eventually. If you are lax about maintenance, your AC will need to be replaced even sooner. If you know your AC is approaching the end of its lifespan, it's time to start planning for a new AC installation. Here are some ways to plan ahead.

Consider The Equipment You Want

The first step is to buy new equipment. Your HVAC technician is a big help since they know how to calculate the right size. You don't want an AC unit that's too large, too small, or that busts your budget. A lot of things affect how much you'll pay for a new air conditioner. One is efficiency. The more energy efficient a unit is, the more it costs.

You may not need the most efficient unit. Your AC installation contractor can help choose an AC with the appropriate efficiency rating for your climate. Another thing that affects the cost is if you'll also need new ducts, a new thermostat, or even a new air handler. Your AC contractor can examine all of your equipment and let you know what all should be replaced and what you can reuse.

Figure Out Where To Put The AC

You may want your new AC to go right where your old one is, especially if you'll use parts that are already installed. However, when you get a new AC, it's a good time to think about moving the condenser to another location if you've been wanting to do that.

Talk to your AC installation contractor about the added expense of moving the condenser to a better location. You might want to move it if the AC is right outside your bedroom window and is noisy or if the area where the air conditioner rests floods when it rains.

Look Into Financing

If you don't have money saved up for a new air conditioner, you may want to seek financing early since that process might take some time. Some HVAC companies offer their own financing, but you might also try to get a personal loan or a home equity loan depending on what fits your finances.

Plan The Installation Day

The AC installation contractor will schedule your installation when you sign your contract. You might need to prepare in advance by moving furniture out of the way. Your old equipment has to be dismantled and removed, and the new equipment installed requires maneuvering space.

Even if you only get a new AC condenser, it still has to be hooked up to the air handler and thermostat. The AC installation crew needs to work inside and outside. Plan accordingly by keeping your pets out of the way and arranging your home and property to make it easy for the installers to work. 

For more information, contact a local AC installation company near you.