Repairing The Issues Your Air Conditioning Can Experience

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Any problems with your air conditioning system can lead to extreme discomfort for those in your house. Despite the complexity of these machines, there are several problems that they will be likely to encounter and that you will need to address.

Musty Smells When The Air Conditioner Is Running

When the air conditioning system is activated, you may notice that there are musty odors coming from it. These odors can cause the entire home's interior to start to smell musty and foul. This problem is often the direct result of mold starting to grow throughout the system. Removing this mold will be necessary to eliminate the foul odors that are coming from the system when it is active. A major contributing factor to this problem can be the moisture from the condensation that the unit is creating. Periodically cleaning the ducting and the AC unit itself can limit the ability of mold to grow as it will deprive it of dirt and dust that could hold onto the condensation for longer.

Intense Vibrations From The Unit

A modern air conditioning system will have a number of mechanical components that could start to develop problems over the life of the unit. An example of these problems could be alignment or lubrication issues with the blower or the pump that circulates the refrigerant through the system. Either of these problems can lead to the unit starting to produce intense vibrations while it is running. These vibrations may be noticeable throughout the home if the unit is in contact with an exterior wall. Unfortunately, these vibrations can indicate that there is substantial damage occurring to the moving parts of the unit. Eventually, this may cause the unit to completely fail. Regular maintenance can help to reduce this from occurring as it will allow the unit to be thoroughly lubricated and properly aligned.

Air Conditioning Unable To Run For More Than A Few Minutes

During the hotter times of the year, your air conditioning system may need to run for hours to be able to effectively cool the entire interior space of your home. Unfortunately, it can be an issue where the unit may only be able to run for a few minutes before it has to turn off. This cycling is a problem that is often attributed to the compressor of the system starting to overheat. Once its temperature rises too high, it will need to turn off for a while to cool off. Replacing this component may be the only option for alleviating this problem.

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