Clear Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair Service

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Has your air conditioner met your cooling requirements, or do you have to use fans to keep the house cool? In most cases, the unit will show signs of a malfunction before breaking down completely. If you can get an AC contractor to fix the problem early, you will avoid a full system breakdown and save money. 

But before you call your air conditioning repair team, you will need to know the key signs that indicate there's an issue. Some of these signs are shared below.

The Unit Is Blowing Hot Air

If the vents are producing warm air, then some parts of your AC aren't working as expected. Consider checking the thermostat and ensure it's set to the cooling mode. You can even set it lower to see if the current temperatures drop. 

If it continues to blow more warm air, you can check on the compressor or refrigerant. Issues like a broken compressor or leaking refrigerant should only be fixed by a seasoned AC contractor, so don't try to DIY this. Home cooling units are complex, so they need careful calibration.

You Can Hear Strange Noises

Air conditioning units usually work relatively quietly. If you start hearing weird noises and sounds like a bang, hiss, rattle, or grind, it means that something is wrong with the cooling unit. The sounds can occur if the motor is old or you have fan problems, a refrigerant leakage, or unfastened components. Getting an AC contractor to fix these problems right away is recommended. This way, you will avoid damaging other parts, which can lead to costly repairs.

There Are Bad Odors

Whenever you smell unpleasant odors from your AC unit, you'll need to deal with the problem right away. Your AC contractor can perform a quick diagnostic to determine if the cooling system requires a tune-up, a cleaning session, or a high-tech solution. For instance, experts may use UV lamps to get rid of microbial growth within the air conditioner. Cleaning the entire duct system can also address odor problems.

The Humidity Is High

The weather outdoors can be sticky during summer and spring, but this doesn't mean that you should experience the same conditions indoors. An air conditioning system is designed to moderate the humidity levels. 

If you realize that the unit isn't keeping the moisture levels within a comfy range, you will need to repair the unit right away. Make sure you call a seasoned AC expert to diagnose the issue and determine if the unit needs recalibration or it's time to get a house dehumidifier.

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