4 Ways A Clogged Air Filter Can Affect Your AC Performance

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Your AC air filter plays a huge role in ensuring that the air that gets into your house is clean. In fact, it's responsible for the proper functioning of your unit. So when you change and clean your air filter after one or two months, it prevents the development of problems that may lead to costly air conditioning repair or even the replacement of your unit. Here are a few ways a clogged air filter can affect how your unit performs.

1. Your system will work harder than usual

For proper functioning of your AC unit, it needs to have a continuous circulation of air. When a dirty air filter hinders proper circulation, it forces your system to work harder than usual to cool your home efficiently. When your system works harder to supply conditioned air to your home, you'll see a spike in your energy bills. It can also cause wear and tear of internal parts, meaning that you may have to schedule frequent air conditioning repairs, or you could need to replace your unit sooner than you expect.

2. It can cause your evaporator coils to freeze

Your AC evaporator coil absorbs heat from your house when your AC blows cool air. In case your filter has a clog, the condensation from your AC during the cooling process will freeze. This causes frost to build up on the coils, meaning that your air conditioner won't maintain an ideal internal temperature. If not effectively addressed, it may eventually lead to a system breakdown, which means you'll need the services of an experienced air conditioner repair technician.

3. Dirty air filters can lower your indoor air quality

When you have a dirty air filter, you'll most likely breathe in dirty air. The importance of your air filter is to trap microscopic disease-causing allergens. So, if your filter clogs, it will eventually re-circulate these allergens around your home, causing your family health-related complications like cold or headache and aggravating conditions like asthma. If this is the case, hire an air conditioning specialist to replace your air filter.

4. Your home won't be properly cooled

Your air conditioner blower fan helps to push air through your AC filter. When your air filter is clogged, the blower will strain to push air through the filter. With reduced airflow, your home will have hot and cold spots, and you'll never achieve your desired indoor temperature. This even causes your unit to work harder, raising your electricity costs.

If you suspect that your air filter is clogged, seek the services of an air conditioning repair specialist.