HVAC Ductwork Improvements to Improve the Energy Design of Your Home

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The ductwork in your home is one of the areas where you can invest in affordable HVAC upgrades. Some of the improvements can be additional features, adding insulation, or installing booster fans. The following HVAC ductwork improvements are some of the options you can have done to your heating and cooling system:

Booster Fans and HVAC Blower Upgrades

The airflow of HVAC ductwork can be improved with upgrades to the blower fan. Before installing a new blower, though, you may want to have booster fans installed in your system to improve airflow. If you are installing a new blower fan, you may want to consider a variable-speed motor. The combination of booster fans and a variable-speed blower motor can be great to improve your HVAC system's efficiency.

Zoned HVAC Designs With Modern Smart Vents

There are also options for zoned HVAC designs that can be done when updating ductwork. This is commonly done by installing automated dampers that adjust the airflow of ductwork depending on your home's heating and cooling needs. There are also smart HVAC vents that can be installed in your home, which have built-in dampers and filters to adjust the heating and cooling for each vent separately.

Improving Airflow with Different Duct Line Designs

There are also improvements that can be made to the duct line designs. This can involve shortening ducts that are too long and reducing the size of ducts. With a better ductwork design, the airflow will be improved, and your system will be more efficient. Using a combination of upgrades can be a good solution for larger systems with longer lengths for ductwork. There are even options to install solar-powered booster fans to improve the energy design of your system.

Updating the Insulation of Ductwork to Reduce Energy Loss

The old insulation of your ductwork can also be an area that needs to be improved. Therefore, you may want to install new insulation on the ducts. This can help reduce thermal energy loss for a more efficient HVAC design. These insulation improvements can also help prevent condensation that can cause moisture and mold problems in HVAC ductwork. In addition, if you are moving any ducts, consider moving them to less vulnerable areas where they are protected from outside air and moisture.

These are some of the HVAC ductwork improvements you may want to invest in to improve your home's energy efficiency. Contact an HVAC company for help redesigning your system for improved efficiency.