Energy Audits And Efficiency: Identifying The Problems That Cause Higher Utility Bills

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If you are concerned about energy loss in your home, a home energy audit can help identify issues. Several areas are going to be checked when you have an energy audit done. Professional energy audits also identify problems with mechanical systems and appliances. The following information will help you identify any issues with energy loss in your home:

Finding Air Leaks That Cause Energy Loss

The energy audit will start by looking for the obvious air leaks that cause energy loss. Some of the areas where a technician will check for air leaks include:

You will want to have these issues addressed when doing other repairs to improve efficiency.

Identifying Issues with Thermal Barriers

The materials used for exterior finishes create a thermal barrier for your home. These barriers prevent the heat transfer that causes energy loss. This means that they prevent heat gain in the summer and loss in the winter.

Improvements can be done to improve the thermal barriers in your home. Some improvements you can make include:

These improvements to the thermal barriers can help greatly reduce the energy loss and make your home more efficient.

Checking Mechanical Systems and Electrical Wiring

The mechanical systems in your home are another area where there can be serious issues with energy loss. Therefore, you are going to want to improve these areas too. Some of the improvements that you may need to have done to mechanical systems include:

An energy audit can help you to identify which of these improvements will be most beneficial to you.

Determining the Efficiency of Household Appliances

You are also going to want to determine the efficiency of your household appliances when you have an energy audit done. If you have an older home, appliances in your kitchen may be outdated and inefficient. It may be time to consider replacing some of the appliances that use too much electricity. 

These are some of the issues with energy loss in your home that an audit will help you identify. Contact an energy audit service for help identifying these issues when there is a problem with energy loss in your home.