2 Things To Do To Winterize Your Air Conditioner

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You don't run your air conditioner during the winter, in most places at least, so you may want to make sure that you have winterized it well before the winter actually hits so that it will be all ready to go when the summer's heat starts back up. So, what are some things that you can do to make sure that your air conditioner is going to make it through the winter in as good as shape as possible?

Inspection It

One thing that you can do is to have an air conditioning maintenance tech come out and inspect your air conditioner for you. They will come out and check over all the parts of your air conditioner and will be able to tell you if there are any problems that you need to fix. Fixing the problems as soon as the service tech finds them is a smart idea for a couple of reasons. One is that it will probably save you some money on another service trip because they are already right there. This could be different if they have to come back out because of a replacement part. Another reason it's smart to get any damage repaired as soon as the HVAC tech finds it is that you won't run the risk of forgetting that the damage is there in between winter and summer. Getting it fixed immediately upon finding it will make everything so much easier for you when the weather turns hot because you don't have to do anything but turn it on. 

Clean It

You can also make sure that you clean off the outside unit. There are several things to do when you clean the outside unit of your air conditioner. That includes doing things like making sure that there aren't any sticks or twigs in the unit, as well as pulling out any weeds or grass that might be growing up in the unit. Once you have pulled all that out, then you want to grab your hose and spray down the unit. Make sure that you spray from the top down and that you aren't using a high-power sprayer because it could damage the unit. 

If you have an air conditioner, you want to make sure that it's ready to go for the next summer. One way to do that is to make sure that you winterize it well every year.