How Much Does Furnace Installation Cost?

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The moment your feet hit the cold floor in the morning after cranking up the heat all night is just one of many signs it's time to replace your furnace. Other signs include if your furnace is more than 15 years old and/or your energy bills are rising. If you're in this position, you're probably filled with questions about the installation process. 

How Much Does It Cost for Heater Installation?

Homeowners can expect to pay in the range of $2,500 to $6,200 depending on the size of their home and the scope of the project. The price includes the cost of the unit and the labor involved in the install. The larger your home or your heating unit, the more you can expect to pay. Also, the price may go up if you have complex or hard-to-reach ductwork.

The furnace you choose also affects your utility bills throughout the year. Newer furnaces typically have a 90 percent efficiency rating or higher, meaning that 90 percent of the heat they generate was used properly. This means less energy is required to heat your entire home.

Can I Do It Myself?

You can replace your furnace yourself, but you shouldn't. Many states require a permit obtained by a qualified mechanic or handyman to legally replace a furnace. This is due to the safety hazard it presents and the intricate installation process.

A new furnace can save you money on your soaring energy bills and create interest in potential homebuyers. While it isn't as flashy as a new kitchen or new vinyl siding, a poorly installed heating system will be noticeable especially in climates with harsh winters.

What Happens During Furnace Installation?

During installation, you can expect your HVAC contractor to remove the old unit and prepare it for proper disposal. They'll then install the new unit and bolt it to the floor. Next comes hooking up your home's ductwork and electrical to the furnace. This part can take some time if the ductwork needs reorganizing. The final step is testing the unit to ensure it works properly. If you consistently experience cold spots in your home but you have a new furnace, this may be an indication that your furnace is too small.

The HVAC contractor you choose should be able to perform the job required. Look for contractors that offer free estimates and have a working knowledge of the most efficient units for your home size. Contact a company, such as Southwest Heating & Cooling LLC, for more information.