3 Reasons Furnaces Make Clicking Noises

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Your furnace should operate sound-free or with a slight operational noise that is not annoying. If it starts to make new noises, you likely have a furnace issue that needs to be addressed. Ignoring the issue will likely not make it go away. It could cause significant damage depending on the nature of the sound.

Furnaces can make a variety of sounds. Some of them such as clanking and banging are taken more seriously than subtle sounds such as clicking. All noises that are outside of the norm should be taken seriously regardless of how subtle they are. The following points will help you to learn things that can cause furnaces to make clicking noises. 

Valve Issue

Valve problems happen to individuals who have gas furnaces. The issue is not dangerous, but the sound can be unnerving. Unfortunately, this issue is related to gas meters. The only individuals who can legally fix this issue are employees of your gas provider. HVAC contractors cannot remedy this issue because it would be viewed as meter tampering, which is a criminal offense.

Fan Issue

Fans may make a clicking noise if you have not had your furnace serviced. The clicking may be the result of debris interfering with the fan rotating properly. Routine heating maintenance ensures that furnace parts get cleaned. This aids in improving efficiency, and it also ensure normal-sounding operation. If you have had your furnace serviced, the clicking sounds may mean that the fan has become loosened. This is an easy fix. 

Safety Warning

You may notice a clinking sound when you try to turn your furnace on. It may only click and not turn on. This is a sign of a safety concern. It may be related to an issue such as a faulty pilot light, wiring problem, or a gas leak. Due to the risk of a gas explosion, do not attempt to force the appliance to turn on.

Treat the situation as a gas emergency and request a heating repair appointment immediately. Be prepared to answer some questions. You may be asked to leave your home temporarily to ensure the safety of your family. 

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to troubleshoot your furnace and diagnose it to determine the cause of clicking noises. Their specialized training can also aid in determining other peculiar noises that furnaces make when repairs are needed. Routine HVAC inspections and maintenance can reduce the chances of you needing heater repairs.