AC & Furnace Repair: Extending The Life Of Older Units

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Replacing a furnace or AC unit is likely to set you back over $3,000. If you're looking to extend the life of your current furnace or AC by a few seasons, however, a few preventative maintenance tricks and tune-ups from your local HVAC services professional can get the job done.

Improved Efficiency

As your furnace or AC unit ages, it will invariably become less efficient. Not only will this decreased efficiency lead to higher utility bills, but they're also a sign of wear and tear that need to be addressed to extend the life of your units.


Moving parts in any machine require lubrication. Your HVAC service professional can lubricate critical components of your furnace and AC units, which can improve its longevity.

Pressure Test

Your AC and furnace units have ducts, hoses, and coils that will wear out over time. Although a large crack or hole might be easy to spot, many times, hairline cracks or smaller holes are much harder to spot. Your HVAC service professional can perform a pressure test to help isolate any failing ducts, hoses, and coils. These pressure tests are preferred because they help replace only those components that actually need to be swapped out.

You can learn more by contacting your local ac repair technician.