Air Conditioning Unit Acting Up? Find Out What May Be Causing It

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Newer air conditioning units will last an average of fifteen years. More wear and tear on the unit will lessen the length of that life cycle, and using it sparingly may allow it to last a few years more than expected. Unfortunately, most people who have air conditioners live in climates that force them to run the units nearly every day just to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home. This is why you never want to experience issues with the appliance that could cause it to not cool your property or stop working altogether. This guide goes over some common problems with the A/C and what might be causing them.


Everyone who owns an air conditioner knows that they make a certain amount of noise when they are running. So it's fairly easy to notice when it starts making weird noises.


Buzzing noises when you turn the thermostat on is a sign of a problem with the air handler in the unit. Try fixing it by switching the settings on the thermostat from On to Auto. If it still makes buzzing noises, you might need to replace the blower fan since it points to a bad fan relay problem.


Some of the air handlers on the appliances are belt-driven. If the belt becomes loose or damaged, it will make a horrible squealing noise whenever the air conditioner is running. If the belt is just loose and not damaged, you can just slip it back into place and it should run properly again. If the belt is torn or damaged too badly, you have to replace it with a new one before using the appliance again.

No Power

It can be incredibly frustrating when you want to use the air conditioner and it does not work.

Tripped Breaker

Air conditioners use a lot of power to run them, especially the older models that aren't as energy-efficient. The unit can trip the breaker when it tries to turn on, which would shut off the power completely to that circuit. Go to the circuit box in your home and locate the one for the A/C unit. If it is in the Off position, simply place it back in On. You might need to replace the fuse if that does not work.


Another problem may be the thermostat being in the wrong setting. Check to be sure that it is on Cool and not Heat or Off. If that still doesn't work, you might need to contact a professional.


It is important to always be careful when you are troubleshooting any appliance in your home. The power should be off if you are repairing the unit to prevent the risk of electrical shocks.

Contact a local air conditioning repair service for more information.