Recognizing The Need For Heating System Repair

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With colder weather setting in across much of the country, the time has come to fire up your home heating system. Chances are that you probably haven't given that system a whole lot of thought since you shut it down last spring. What you may not know is that your home's furnace could be telling you that it's time for a repair or other maintenance. Here are a few things you might notice which can mean it's time to call your local heating service.

Noisy Furnace Operation

If you turn on your heating system only to discover that it's making all sorts of noises that it didn't make before, that often means that there's a problem somewhere in the furnace. Whether it's caused by wear and tear, a lack of annual maintenance, or nearing the end of its usable life, unusual noises from your furnace are not something to ignore.

Even seemingly simple noises should be evaluated by a heating technician if they are noises you're not used to hearing from your furnace. Squeals, screeches, bangs, pops, and other sounds are often indicators that something isn't working right and needs attention. In most cases, the offending part can simply be replaced, repairing your furnace in no time and getting your heat back up and running.

Poor Temperature Control

If your furnace has previously been pretty consistent about temperature management but seems to be struggling to maintain a consistent temperature this year, that is another sign that the system needs maintenance or repair.

It's important to consider whether or not the system has previously been consistent and sufficient for your home. If it's always been a little bit unpredictable, that could indicate that the furnace simply isn't sufficient for the size of your house. In a case like that, you'll want to talk with a heating services technician about upgrading the furnace to one that's efficient and can consistently heat your home.

However, if it's been consistent for you in the past, that's an indication that the furnace needs repair. Your HVAC technician can identify the source of the problem, which is typically a worn or malfunctioning part, and will replace it or repair it to get your system running right.

Moisture-Control Issues

Both heating and air conditioning systems are designed to help maintain a specific humidity level in your home. If you notice that the air in your home is markedly more or less humid than it usually is when your furnace is running, that could indicate that the system is losing efficiency and needs to be assessed by a heating technician. It could be that there's a regulator that needs replacement to repair the problem. If a regulator isn't responding as it should, that can lead to moisture control issues. Replacing the regulator should restore your furnace to its proper operation.

Excess Operating Costs

When it comes to the operating costs associated with your furnace, one thing you should monitor is the cost of the fuel to run your heating system. If you're having to fill the fuel oil tank more frequently than you normally do, that means that your system isn't using the heating fuel as efficiently as it typically would. A loss of fuel efficiency is an indication that the furnace is experiencing issues or is in need of maintenance. You'll want to have it evaluated by a technician to determine the source of the increased fuel consumption so that it can be repaired.

The more you understand about your home's heating system, the easier it is to determine when there's a problem that needs to be addressed. Understanding when your heating system may need repair or other attention is important. Talk with a local HVAC technician today for more information about heating system repairs and any other concerns you may have about your home's heating system.