What To Do If Your Home Feels Too Warm?

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The middle of summer is not the time when you want to be feeling warm in your own home, especially when you're paying to run your air conditioner. If your home feels warm inside, it may be a problem with your air conditioner. To help troubleshoot and get your home comfortable again, read on for a few tips.

Turn Down The Thermostat

If the weather is really warm outside, you may just need to turn down the thermostat inside to compensate for the heat and humidity. Try to adjust the temperature to see if that helps. If your home still feels too warm, check that the thermostat is actually working properly and that cool air is coming out of your vents. Lower the temperature and make sure the condensing unit turns on. If the system doesn't turn on, or you feel warm air coming out of your vents, it may be a bigger problem.

Clean The Condensing Unit

Your condensing unit may be working really hard on those very hot days to run and cool your home properly. To help improve how well your system runs, you should clean it thoroughly. Spray your condensing unit using a garden hose. Remove the exterior housing to get to the fins inside and remove built up debris to help give the unit plenty of air to run properly. Be sure to spray down the housing as well, and open up the lid to spray the inside.

Replace The Air Filter

Replace the air filter with a new air filter. A clogged air filter can prevent a free-flow of air to your system, which can shut down your air conditioner altogether, or could cause it to work sluggishly. Replace your air conditioner every other month. Always replace the air filter, never try to clean an old filter. New filters can be found at most larger house-ware stores, or at hardware stores.

Open Up The Vents

Check all of the vents throughout your home to be sure they are all open. Make sure they are also not being blocked by furniture, curtains/drapes or anything else. If the vents are blocked, a free flow of air isn't going to get to every room of your home and you may feel hot spots throughout your home. You can also help keep your home cool by closing shades and blinds throughout your home.

if your air conditioner doesn't feel like it's running properly and you have tried troubleshooting and cleaning your system, it's time to call out a professional air conditioning repairman for help. Contact a company, like Henry's Service All, for more help.