HVAC Tips To Keep Your System Running Smoothly

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Air conditioning performance can be a major factor that homeowners often assume is unchangeable without having an entirely new system installed. A mixture of preventative care and basic upgrades might help to improve the overall performance of your unit.

Keep Clippings From Getting On The Exterior Unit When Mowing The Lawn

Mowing your lawn can cause considerable amounts of grass clippings to get on the system. These clippings will be able to reduce the intake of air into the system. If your lawn mower is compatible with a clipping catcher or deflector, you should install these devices to reduce this problem. For those with mowers that cannot support these attachments, the air conditioning unit may need to be cleaned after each time you mow the lawn to remove any clippings that may have gotten on it.

Use An Outdoor Vacuum To Clean The Vents And Fins

When dirt and dust get on the unit, it can be difficult to remove these substances from the vents and fins of the unit. This is due to these small spaces being difficult to reach with most cleaning tools. One way around this problem is to use an outdoor vacuum to clean these sections of the system. For maximum effectiveness, you should use an attachment with a soft bristle head. It is important to only use attachments with soft bristles as the fins of the system can be easily bent or warped.

Monitor The Unit's Foundation For Excessive Settling

Most outdoor air conditioning units will have concrete foundations. These foundations can gradually sink into the soil as it settles. This will only pose a problem when the sinking becomes enough to cause the concrete foundation to suffer damage or causes the cords and hoses to become strained. Fortunately, you can have the foundation of the unit raised and reinforced to prevent this problem from returning.

Consider Whether Duct Boosters Are Needed

Those living in very large homes may find that their air conditioning system has trouble pushing enough air throughout the entire home. This can be due to poor duct design, a weaker air conditioning system or a host of other issues. To help provide your home with more even heating and cooling, it is possible to install duct boosters. These devices will activate when the HVAC system activates, and they will help to push air through the ducting. By placing these devices at strategic points in the ducting system, it is possible to provide the home with more consistent HVAC performance.