3 Benefits Of Regular HVAC Duct Maintenance

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Forced air heating and cooling is one of the most effective ways to heat and cool your home. Unfortunately, it is not always efficient, resulting in a lot of wasted energy and money. One reason forced air systems are so inefficient is the ductwork used to transfer heated/cooled air. Therefore, it is extremely important to properly maintained and repair your ductwork regularly. Check out these three benefits of regular HVAC duct maintenance.

Identifies Problematic Areas

The main reason to have your ducts regularly checked is to spot problem areas. Whether due to damage or normal wear and tear, ducts can develop holes and gaps. The segments of ductwork may begin to separate, or dings and cuts may create holes in the ductwork. This allows air to escape as it travels through the ductwork, so by the time the air reaches your living space, there isn't as much spilling from the vent. It's been lost in the walls, crawlspace, attic, etc. Another problem with ducts is insulation. Many ducts travel through non-temperature controlled zones, such as the attic. This can cause the air inside the duct to cool or warm before reaching you. Repair technicians can use metal tape to fix gaps and insulation to reduce temperature fluctuations.

Helps Keep Ducts Cleaned

Your HVAC system relies on a filter to help prevent irritates from entering the system. These include pet hair, dander, pollen, etc. However, some particles can make it past the filter, especially if it hasn't been cleaned. This ultimately leads to debris buildup inside the ducts. This may send allergens and irritants into your living space, which can aggravate breathing conditions like asthma. If the buildup gets too thick, it can narrow the inside of the ducts. This causes the system to work harder to force the air through tight ducts. It leads to less air reaching you and more damage to the system.

Helps Reduce Energy Usage

The final benefit is what you'll see the most clearly: reduced energy consumption. If the ductwork can't deliver the right amount of air at the right temperature, you are forced to crack the power to reach that desired temperature. Otherwise your house feels too warm or is riddled with drafts. This wastes energy and money. By keeping the ductwork clean, free of holes and well-insulated, the cooled/heated air reaches you faster and at the right temperature, which allows you to conserve power and reduce your carbon footprint.

Keeping your home cool and warm doesn't have to cost a fortune. If your forced air heating and cooling system isn't working as efficiently as it used to, there may be something wrong with the ductwork, and a good cleaning/repair may be all you need. For more information about ductwork maintenance, contact a HVAC specialist such as PSL Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.