Basic Steps On Checking If The Ignitor On Your Gas Furnace Is Working

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Newer gas furnaces are equipped with an electrical ignitor that works to turn on the gas that heats your home. These furnaces differ greatly from older furnaces that have a pilot light system, which don't use electricity at all. This means that if your furnace has an electronic ignitor, you can't start it manually. The most efficient way to start a furnace with an electronic ignitor is by turning it off and resetting it. The information provided below offers some tips on how to check if the ignitor is the reason your furnace isn't working. 


In order to check the ignitor on your furnace, you have to turn off the circuit power. The circuit is located in the electrical panel for your house and the switch should be labeled furnace. If you can't locate the appropriate switch, you may need to turn off the main circuit. However, if you turn off the main switch, be sure to have a flashlight so you can access the igniter on the furnace.

Burner Door And Ignitor

Most furnaces are equipped with two sections, one that houses the burner box and the other for the igniter. You will need to locate and remove the burner door on your furnace, where the burner box and the ignitor are held. After removing the door, you will need to switch the ignitor off. After a while, you can turn it back on and it should reset. However, some furnaces are equipped with a reset button.

If you are unsure what type of furnace you have, please consult with a heating contractor. Once you reset the furnace, you should replace the burner door. Certain furnaces have a switch mechanism that clicks into place when the door is properly engaged before the furnace will work. Therefore, you need to ensure that the burner door is secured.


After resetting and putting the burner door back in place, you will need to turn back on the electrical circuit for the furnace. In order to check that the furnace is operational, adjust the thermostat to the heating setting and turn it on. If your furnace comes on, but there is no heat flowing through, you should turn the thermostat back off. This means that the ignitor is not working and may need to be fixed.

If you are unsure of how to fix the ignitor, consider consulting with a heating contractor. Contact a company like Ronnie Ritchie Service Co Inc to learn more.