3 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Should Be Repaired Or Replaced

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With the summer in full effect, there aren't many things that are more comfortable than kicking back and allowing the air conditioner to blow over your overheated body. On the flip side of the coin, few things are worse than finding out your air conditioner isn't working in such conditions. Read on and see if your air conditioning unit or central air is suffering from any of the mentioned ailments. If they are, it could very well be the case that your air conditioner needs to be, at the very least, repaired, if not replaced.

Burnt Smells

If you notice that your air conditioning unit is giving off a strange smell, namely something that sounds like it is burning – especially burnt rubber – then you should unplug the unit right away. If you have central air, and smell this coming from your central unit, then you should turn off your central air ASAP and call on the services of a professional to take a look at it. This symptom is often times indicative of the fact that there is some sort of faulty wiring present in your unit or the central air system itself, and it should be taken care of as soon as possible, as it very well could lead to the danger of an electrical fire.


Although a small amount of leakage coming from your unit shouldn't pose a problem, if you notice a significant amount of liquid dripping from your unit, you might be due for having it repaired or even replaced. In addition, if you notice this issue existing in tandem with a symptom like the air blowing from the unit not being cool enough or simply not blowing at all, then you definitely have a problem on your hands. Although excess water dripping from your unit is sometimes acceptable, it could be the case that the leaking liquid is coolant, which could be indicative of a cracked head in the air conditioning unit, necessitating repair.

No Cool Air Is Blowing

If your unit is simply not blowing cool air, then you have a problem on your hands, and one that might require that your unit be replaced. Sometimes, the issue simply revolves around having the coolant in your air conditioning unit replaced. Other times, the issue could be far more dire – and expensive. A broken compressor could wind up costing you the entirety of a new unit altogether. Contact a business that specializes in air conditioning repair for more information.