2 Reasons To Consider Forced-Air Heating

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Choosing to replace the heating system in your home can be a difficult decision, mostly because it can be hard figuring out which heating system is the best one for you. Forced-air heating is one of the most popular heating options available, and is a great choice if you want something cost-effective and that works quickly.

Works Quickly

One of the biggest advantages provided by a forced-air heating system is that it can warm your home up to the desired level in a short amount of time. One reason for this is that the furnace will warm the air to the desired degree before it begins blowing the air through your vents.

This means that the air coming out of the vents will provide a noticeable difference in the temperature almost immediately. Another reason that a forced-air system works so quickly is because it will be blowing hot air out of every vent in the house at once, which means every room will be warming up at the same time.

This is a big advantage over radiant heating systems that take a bit of time before you can feel the difference in the temperature of your home. This is because a radiant heating system has to heat up the pipes or panels, which in turn heats up the floors and walls. While this is not a very time-consuming process, it does take noticeably longer for your home to warm up than it does when you use a forced-air system.


Another big benefit provided by a forced-air heating system is that it is cost-effective. If you already have a duct system installed in your home, all you really have to do is buy and install a furnace. In general, a forced-air heating installation will cost between $1,330.33 and $1,691.87 and take a little over 8 hours to complete.

On the other hand, radiant heating can easily cost twice as much to install. These systems will cost you between $2,503 and $3,253.64. Part of this cost increase has to do with the increased amount of time that it will take to install a radiant heating system, which typically takes about 24 hours.

Speak to a HVAC repair contractor today in order to discuss which heating option will be the best fit for your home. A forced-air heating system is fantastic if you want something that is not too expensive and that can warm your home up quickly.