3 Tips For Home Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Purchasing a new home can be one of the most exciting times of your life, but it comes with a wide variety of new responsibilities. Homeowners have to prove themselves proficient in many home maintenance tasks, and keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is the end goal of some of the most important of those tasks.

Below, you'll find some tips for maintaining your home's air conditioning system. Minimizing your energy consumption, maximizing your comfort, and overseeing your home's air quality are all important goals to keep in mind, and following the suggestions below will put you in a much better position to do so.

1. Keep The Condenser Clean

If you have a central air system in your home, the condenser is the large component that's located outside. Because of its location, your condenser is susceptible to damage and dirt from many sources, and you need to understand the steps you can take to keep it clean and efficient.

Be sure that you cut back any and all vegetation that grows around your condenser. If you notice a great deal of leaves, pollen, or other debris falling onto your air conditioning unit, you may also want to consider installing an awning or other cover that will protect it from things falling from above.

2. Maintain Proper Insulation

When variances in temperature exist between a mechanical component and its surroundings, it can be susceptible to damage caused by condensation. In the case of an air conditioner, this condensation can be magnified, and the damage it causes to delicate components can be a major concern.

You should be sure that the pipes and tubes designed to transfer water and air in your air conditioning system are thoroughly insulated. This will not only prevent those condensation issues, but will also be of use in very cold conditions when your system may be at risk of being choked by ice.

3. Keep Up With Filter Replacements

While many people are aware of the way a filter affects their heating system, they may not be aware that it's equally important to their air conditioning. Keeping your filter clean will allow the motor on your condenser to function more efficiently and should greatly improve your air quality. If you're concerned about the cost of regular filter replacements, consider buying them during more moderate times of the year when the rush will be slower and retail stores are likely to decrease their prices. For more information, contact Century Heating & Air Conditioning Services.