Use A Portable Wood Stove When Your Furnace Goes Out

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If your furnace isn't working and it's cold outside, you may need to come up with a fast way to generate heat in your home until you can get a technician out to fix the problem. If you have a portable wood stove on your property, you can set it up in your home to safely and efficiently warm a good portion of your home. You can learn how to easily install the portable wood stove in this article.

Installing the portable wood stove

  1. You want to find a small window near the area of the house you want to keep the warmest. This should be a central spot such as the living room. The area needs to have enough available space to fit the wood stove without it being right next to anything flammable.
  2. Prepare the flooring by laying down 4 square feet worth of fire resistant flooring, bricks or other material. This way, you won't be rising a fire if hot embers come out while you have the door to the wood stove open.
  3. Open the window so there is enough room for the piping to go out the window. This is the way the smoke is going to leave the house.
  4. Set the wood stove on the flooring and position it properly in front of the window. Put the piping out the window and adjust it so it goes up toward the roof of your house.
  5. Gather wood and put it in the wood stove. If you don't have any firewood handy, you can purchase a prepackaged log at most grocery stores for only a few dollars.
  6. When you start the fire, you want to watch it for a few minutes to make sure it keeps burning. You may need to add tinder to it in order to keep the flame going log enough for the log to burn correctly.
  7. Shut off any rooms in the house that you don't need to keep warm. This is going to help keep the warmth in the areas you need it the most. You also want to insulate your house to keep the heat in. Some tips for quickly insulation your house include covering hard flooring, putting rolled up towels in front of drafty doors and windows and close up any cracks or holes.

A portable wood stove can be put up and taken down with just a little bit of work. This makes it a very good option for temporary heating until you are able to get an HVAC technician, such as those at Absolute Air, out to your house to repair your furnace.