Three Incentives To Call A Plumber When You Have Water Leaks

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Does your faucet constantly drip? Is the floor space around your toilet cracked or stained? Are there rust-colored spots on the ceiling in your bathroom? If you've noticed any of these, you may have water leaks in your home. If you don't think water leaks are a big deal, think again! Here are three incentives for calling a plumber when there is water leaking in your home.

Decrease Water Bill

If you have noticed your water bill has increased over the months and your water usage has not increased, it is probably due to leaking pipes in your home. If you suspect your water bill has increased due to leaking pipes, do this little test to find out for sure. When you know nobody will be at home for the day, check the number on your water meter. Check it again at the end of the day or before anyone starts to use water. If the number has increased and you know no one was home using water, it's a sure sign leaking pipes are the culprit.

Decrease Water Waste

More than 10,000 gallons of water are wasted each year due to household water leaks. This equals the amount of water used to do 270 loads of laundry. If you are at all concerned about the environment and want to do your part to decrease water waste, you will want to make sure to get your leaky faucets fixed right away. If you want to know just how much water is being wasted by leaky faucets alone, you can use the drip calculator found on the U.S. Geological Survey's website.

Decrease Health Risks

When there is water leakage in your home, there is an increased risk of health issues. Water going where it is not supposed to not only causes structural damage but it can also cause damage to your health. One of the most common water problems is the growth of mold and mildew. No surface is resistant to mold which means it can grow on wood, tile, ceramic, and other common materials found in the home. Mold can be especially hazardous to those who are allergic to it. Common causes of mold in the home due to excess water include:

In order to decrease your water bill, decrease water waste and decrease any health risks associated with water leaks, call a plumber today (at A Absolute Plumbing & Heating or another company) to see how they can help.